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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kason Havoc {one year}

Of course I wrote this like 2 months ago, but wanted to get it posted anyway... :)

Since it has been almost 4 months since I have last wrote about Kase, a lot has changed! He went from a whiny non-sleeping baby, to a mobile, happy and ok-sleeping baby. However, one thing I can tell you, he has stolen the hearts of everyone in this house... and everyone around him! His big brown eyes will melt your heart in seconds! I have a feeling he might be taking sissy's position of Big Boss VERY soon! She is starting to give in to him too! Ha!   
  • He is a routine baby. Break that routine and you are in BIG trouble.
  • He wakes up around 730AM. He takes a morning nap around 1030. He sleeps about two hours and is back up to eat lunch. He takes an afternoon nap at 3. He will sleep about 1-2 hours. He goes to bed at 8PM. I wish I could say he sleeps through the night, but no... he LOVES to see him momma and daddy! :) Hopefully we get there full-time VERY soon!
  • He is strictly on formula and will be moving to whole milk and almond milk very soon!
  • He eats table food. Whatever we are eating, he eats. He is not a big fruits or vegetable fan, but we sneak them in with a daily smoothie!
  • He has four teeth... two top, two bottom!
  • He is wearing Size 3 diapers.
  • He is wearing 12 and 12-18 month clothes.
  • He is wearing a size 4 shoe.
  • He LOVES bath time. 
  • He dislikes the car.... this is another thing I wish I was correcting. He is ALOT better. But I am still sweating when I have to make a drive over 30 minutes.
  •  He LOVES playing with peoples hair!
  • He is a MOMMA's boy!
  • He LOVES his sister! He is so happy to go in and wake her up every morning! 
  • He LOVES Berkley. In the mornings when it is just me, him and Berk, they will both be on my lap and he will always lay his hand on Berk's back. Sweetest. Thing. Ever!
  • He says Dadda as soon as Justin walks in the room. 
  • He claps when you say, "Yeah"!
  • He gives high fives.
  • He waves bye-bye.
  • He is saying bubba, dadda, no-no, hi, momma, bobba (bottle), bye-bye, doke(for doggy).
  • He will hold the phone to his ear to talk, growls to get your attention and blow on his food when you try to give him a bite.
  • He pats his chest when I say, "Where's Kason?".
  • He jabbers all. day. long. Our house is LOUD in the evenings!
  • He LOVES music. Singing to him or turning on music will calm him. 
  • He scoots on his bottom, but doesn't crawl. And he is FAST!
  • He is pulling up on things and walking as long as he can hold onto something.
  • He is doing the full belly laugh. It is the cutest thing ever.
  • He sleeps swaddled in his crib in his own room. 
  • He LOVES to be outside. His favorite part of the day!
  • He is still at home with our nanny, Meredith, everyday!
  • He is drinking water with each meal. He can drink out of a sippy cup and with a straw.

Hadlea vs Kason @ 1 year!

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