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Friday, January 17, 2014

total randoms...

I think the one thing I miss the most is posting my phone pictures.... because frankly, those are our everyday life! So sorry for the phone dump the next couple of days... but enjoy our everyday crazy life! And in no particular order...

H got new bedding for her birthday! I hated her bedspread that I had previously bought when we first got her a 'big girl bed' so I am having it turned into pillows. Ha! But when I seen this in PBK, I just loved it! And I thought it totally looked like Had! I had seen it in a magazine and here is how it went: 

Me: Had look at this bedspread. Do you like it?
H: You can put whatever you want in there. I am not sleeping in it.
Me: But do you like it? 
H: I. AM. NOT. SLEEPING. ON. IT! But yes, it is pretty!

And guess what... she has never slept on it! So don't let this picture of the first time she laid on it fool you! Ha! :)
My pretty little 4 year old princess. Her only request for the night of her birthday?! A princess mermaid cake. And my friend, Pam, totally killed it!

 Hadlea received her Range Rover from her Gigi and Poppa the day before her birthday since they were in town. And 5 mins after receiving it, she face plants onto the ice and gets a nice fat lip. I was positive when she stood up her teeth were going to be through her lip. But they weren't....
Hadlea's 4th Birthday Princess Party and her sweet friends! Oh...and Princess Belle!

 my sweet little boy... just growing up. *tear*

 daddy took this picture when they were out playing in the snow one day. he was super proud of himself!

 I wish we either got feet of snow or nothing! I love when it snows and Justin can stay home!

Our Christmas decorations for the year!

My little lovers just snoozing!

Uncle Alan and K on Thanksgiving!

Poppa got Hadlea a new cat for the farm! She is my future little cat lady!

happy little Buddha!
Our sweet friend Ady had a cheer competition in Tulsa so we went to watch her!
She is awesome!
Our first Santa pic with two kids. 5 seconds later and K was Fa-reak-ing out!
Our boy LOVES the bath!
Hadlea's last day of school before Christmas break. I take two weeks off at the end of the year and was keeping her home all of break! She told me that morning it was pajama day. Since there wasn't a note, I didn't believe her! I got there to drop her off and EVERY kid in the room has pjs on! I felt TERRIBLE for not believing her! I left immediately, drove to WM and got her pjs. When I got back, I found out it WASN'T pj day and no note had went out. The kids decided themselves it was pj day... so every other kid in the class convinced their parents except Hadlea! {and come to find out later, it was Hadlea, Madalyn and Hunter that told all of the kids to wear pjs... if they can convince a class of 13 to wear pjs at 4 and 5, what will they convince kids to do at 13, 16, 18?! SCARY!}

And that night, we surprised Hadlea with a limo ride around town to look at Christmas lights. I thought she would LOVE this because she is always begging to ride in the car with a car seat! And 10 minutes into the ride, she vomits all over the car and we head back home! Better luck next year! Ha! :)
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my handsome boys. just melts me heart!
H went for her second teeth cleaning! she was awesome!
random pics I find on my phone from the cutest niece ever!
Christmas with my niece and nephew!
making Santa cookies with play dough cookie dough. if you haven't seen it, get it! it was so fun!
Kase got a new car from Nana for Christmas and someone was jealous that they weren't being pulling around. Add a belt and a walker... problem solved!
a  nice winter day to ride and go to the park! i cannot wait for spring!!

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