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Monday, January 20, 2014

total ramdoms {part 2}

Kason is really into kissing everyone right now. Anytime sissy gets close, she is getting a big wet one!
hadlea is just a little photog these days. she wants to take pics of everyone and everything.
Justin and I were gone for two nights for the Dallas game. When I got back she didn't want to leave my side. We slept like this most of the night!
love them.
my happy OU loving boy!
Kase was NOT into taking a pic. And sissy LOVED making fun of him! Ha!
This might have been like our 2 or 3 time taking K out to eat. The kids just hates people and the car. So it isn't any fun to go out and eat. It isn't fun to go anywhere with him. Ha! But this particular night, he was LOVING everyone! Maybe there is hope...
our princess and super hero courtesy of Auntie A
another staged pic by hadlea easton photography. babies on our headboard.
our nanny got hadlea this pedicure thing for Christmas. She LOVES it! It is so cute!
how they travel around our house! ha!

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