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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hadlea's 4 Birthday

Hadlea wanted to celebrate her birthday this year with her favorite little friends at a dress up place. You do nothing but show up! They provide everything! (...and that's my kind of party!) They have dress up clothes for the girls, they do their hair and nails. And an actual princess of your choice shows up. Hadlea chose Belle! It was just the perfect little place!
After the party, Hadlea received her car from Gigi and Poppa since they wouldn't be at our house on her actual birthday! She has waited a VERY long time for her very own car! It just doesn't get any cuter! :)
 The evening of her birthday, I had made chili and ordered a birthday cake. Those that didn't make the Princess Birthday party had said they were coming by on her birthday. Although, I guess I wasn't prepared for everyone that showed up because I quickly ran out of food! Our baby girl is definitely loved! :) 
{And if you are wondering about Hadlea's busted lip, you can thank the ice that came the weekend of her party! While getting her car from Gigi and Poppa, she decided since we were already outside, we should all sled. On the way out, she slipped and face planted! It was a super sad way to end her perfect day! But she was a trooper and was over it in no time!)

Hope you had a perfect 4th Birthday sweet girl! We love you!

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