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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

And now for Christmas... you know, because it is almost Valentines Day and all! :) I will, however, put you out of your misery and do one full Christmas post. You will not have to relive it for several days! Ha! 

Christmas Eve.... Gigi, Poppa, Granny and Becky came over for a visit. We were all going to church when Kason decided to take a long nap. So we left him at home with daddy, Granny and Becky. The rest of us headed off to church!

After church, Santa showed up! 

Christmas morning... Hadlea got dress up clothes and a jewelry box. Things she has been asking for Santa to bring her all year. Kason got a 3-1 tricycle. 

Nana's Christmas... the Monday before Christmas we had Christmas with Justin's family! We had a fun Christmas and the kids got some awesome gifts!

Gigi and Poppa's Christmas... Christmas afternoon we headed to Alan and Amanda's for a late lunch and to open presents. If only you could have seen the presents. My Granny said it was a sin for someone to receive so much stuff! And I couldn't agree more! A month later, and I still cannot figure out where things should go!

The Justice Christmas... the Thursday after Christmas we got a visit from the Justice family! No matter our schedules (or their schedules since they are the ones traveling), we always make it a point to get together! And a perfect end to Christmas... with your very best friends and our babies!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas' with your family and friends! I am already ready for next yer when little man will be walking and talking! :)

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