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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

phone dump...

There is no telling how many pics I have on my phone that I haven't shared. And I want to make sure to get most of them on here so I can get them in my blog books. 

My little cuties. A baby v-neck. I die! 
my view during a conference call one day. 
boston red sox - world series champs! 
my hungry monkey!
hadlea was gone one day, so mason (our neighbor) came over to play. he was fine letting me dress him up!
come on cowboys! this was a bad bad night!
I took the girls to get manis/pedis one day. I totally look forward to these in the future!
While the girls and I were getting beautified, the boys were off hunting! Riley's first hunting trip!
bath time fun!
out to go shopping!
my little heroes! 

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