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Thursday, October 24, 2013

phone dump

Our nanny had a birthday this past weekend so her cousin and I arranged a surprise party for her. It was so fun! It was good to meet her family! Although... H totally stole the candle show while we were taking their pic! Ha!
Meredith had made foot print ghosts with Kason's feet last week so Hadlea HAD to have a matching set. She was super proud! 
We went down to the pond and park to let Hadlea play on Sunday. Baby boy was just relaxing!

I turned the BIG 32 on Oct 12. We were not planning to do anything, but Gigi was in town so we made a last minute decision for drinks with friends on Friday. Hadlea had me a breakfast party that morning and in the afternoon, we headed to KS for my cousins wedding! It was a perfect birthday by getting to see alot of my family!

While Gigi was still in town on Sunday, I took EVERYTHING out of the playroom and cleaned and de-cluttered. Talk about feeling like your house is back in order. That room was making me CRAZY!

My niece was crowing princess of her class!
She seriously is the most beautiful thing ever!
my babies laying quietly together. I am guessing this only lasted about 5 mins at the very most!
We went shopping one day. She just looked so big pushing brother.
I think H has an extreme hoarding issue with baby dolls and stuffed animals. I kind of wish I would have counted them. We had a long talk about donating to others. She wasn't super happy about it, but she agreed. So a trash sack full of these things are GONE!
Mr is so happy to be setting up on his own!
It just makes bath time that much more fun! 
after both human kids are in bed, I get lots of snuggles from my fur baby.

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