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Monday, October 14, 2013

iPhone dump

my sweet babies. although Berk looks a little grumpy! ha!

poor kase. all of his toys are pink. if sissy gets to pick them out, they are pink. good thing i love pink too... because i sure dont mind... and it is not like he knows the difference, right?!
hadlea's daycare had a pink day on Oct 1 for breast cancer awareness. these babes sure look grown up!
one day... he will have teeth. and she will be sorry she attacks him on the daily!
and those teeth are coming any day. this is after about 10  mins in a new shirt. droolin' fool!
this is how i keep Kase entertained in the kitchen... or i guess i should say how i 'did' keep him entertained. he can crawl out now, so no more bumbo on the counter!
our nanny was gone one day so i kept kase while i worked {not fun!}, but he sure was the best looking co-worker around!
more attacking from the monster, as we call her.
our nanny brought the kids back gifts from her last trip.... kase some Halloween pjs and hadlea a cup and a pink fox. taking a pic of them was just crazy!

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