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Thursday, October 10, 2013

a little BS and the weekend!

This past weekend, my mom, Aunt 'Decky' (as Hadlea calls her), my friend Jennifer and her daughter, Ady, came into town for the Blake Shelton concert. We are all totally Team BS. I swear he gets cuter with age! And is funny... I would totally have him stand around and talk/tell stories any day rather than sing! We had such a great time!!

Jennifer and Ady stayed at our house so the girls got in some playtime! So thankful these two are the best of friends! Cannot wait for future girls trips together!
My mom and aunt were babysitting Kayman for the weekend so we went over to see them for a little bit on Saturday. There was so much I wanted to do on Saturday, but of course it was rainy and cold! It was a good play day for the kids! With Kason and Kayman both sitting up now, they are really starting to notice each other! So freaking cute!!
On Sunday, we got to watch the Cowboys play the Broncos. No comment! Good thing I have the cutest fans around!
Hadlea got in some more dressup time! She is so ready for Halloween and to wear her cute little costume! Cannot wait to share those pics!
High 5s during the Dallas game!
Our sweet Berkley got bit on the foot by a spider. It kept swelling and was to the point he wouldn't put any pressure on it. Justin took him to the vet on Sunday. They had to shave his paw and give him a shot. Sweet boy just acted miserable and snuggled with sissy's bunny. He is now on the mend!

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