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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iPhone dump

Brotherly kisses. YUM! :)
my super happy boy!
he loves when she plays with him.
Kason's first time to swim! He totally hated it!
If you want to know what my little brother looked like as a baby, this is it! He looks exactly like jake here! My little coolio!
I got Kason's 3 month canvas in! love!
getting a visit from gigi.
someone thinks sissy is funny! ...even when he should be sleeping!
my cutie with his nanny!
Hadlea's grandparent luncheon at her school. I went in place of the g-parents. LOVED getting to visit her through the day.
reading to brother.
our agreement for church one morning. sometimes you just have to give up!
I almost feel like I am reliving my 80s decisions as a child!
little cool cat.
playing the panio.

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