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Sunday, September 29, 2013

kason havoc {5 months}

Our sweet 5 month old boy. Perfection.
5 Months Old. And now just a couple weeks from turning 6 months. I swear the older he gets the more sad I become that I will NEVER have another baby in our house. I love all of his firsts and the interaction between him and Hadlea. They do something everyday that makes me so thankful for their relationship. It is so heart melting!
  • He is a GREAT baby! Only crying when he is hungry or wet... or VERY TIRED! He is a totally routine baby. Mess up that routine and you are in BIG trouble!
  • He wakes up around 7AM, eats and is back down around 10. He sleeps about one hour and is back up to eat and back down around 3-4. He will sleep about 1-2 hours . He goes to bed around 800. He normally sleeps all night, maybe waking for a bottle around 5AM.
  • He has 4 ounces of breast milk with each feeding. I am still pumping and feeding full time.
  • He is eating homemade baby food at lunch and dinner!
  • I am guessing he weighs around 15 pounds.
  • He is not the greatest napper. On most days, he will take a small morning nap and longer afternoon nap. Some days, they might be 10-15 minutes. For some reason, my kids just don't care for naps!
  • He is wearing Size 2 diapers
  • He is wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes
  • He LOVES bath time. He loves to chew on a wet towel. ha!
  • He HATES the car. This is totally new to us because Hadlea always loved it! We are now refusing to go anywhere that isn't absolutely necessary!
  • He has started to grab at toys and take them straight to this mouth! He is doing great with his hands!
  • He follows Justin, Hadlea and I's voices. If he hasn't seen one of us in a while and we walk into the room and talk, he gets SO excited!
  • He LOVES his sister! I think it is so strange that he totally knows her! She can smother him to death and he still gives her the cheesiest grins!
  • He LOVES Berkley. I think Berk gets most of the smiles and laughs these days.
  • He has found his voice... and likes to use it! Our house is LOUD in the evenings!
  • He is no longer fond of lying on his back. If you lay him down, he flips to his stomach, although after a few minutes he gets mad if he cannot get back to his back, but he really prefers to sit up!
  • He is sitting up! Yeah! Still a little off balance, but he gets better every day!
  • He smiles and kicks his feet like crazy! He is one squirmy dude! He loves to suck his toes.
  • He is doing the full belly laugh. It is the cutest thing ever.
  • He has decided he HATES the paci! :-( Which makes for one SUPER sad momma! I think this is why Hadlea was always good in the car or anywhere we took her. She had a paci at all times. It is totally breaking my heart!
  • He sleeps in his crib in his own room. He is still swaddled but think that is about to end too! Another sad momma moment. He is now sleeping on his tummy so if he cannot get his hands out, he gets mad!
  • He LOVES to be outside. His favorite part of the day!
  • He is still at home with our nanny, Meredith, everyday!
one month   .   three months   .   5 months
Could they seriously look more alike!?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

my dallas cowboys

You would think as a life long Dallas fan that I would have been to tons of games, however, have you priced those suckers? I love my Cowboys, but I am not all about spending a weeks vacation on a beach to go. I would so rather watch on tv AND go to the beach! Ha!
When I seen they would be in Kansas City this year, I started watching for tickets. We ended up getting tickets with Shannan and Michael about a week before the game. I totally talked up the Dallas Cowboys as I knew it was time for Hadlea to learn all about them. And there is nothing closer to her heart than a dress or costume... so meet my little Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! She was PROUD!
Hadlea was super excited for the game. And was SUPER heartbroken when she learned she didn't get to attend it. We explained that it was just for big people, they only served coffee and she could watch for us on tv. After that, she was just fine staying with her gigi! ha!
We headed out late Saturday afternoon to the Justice house! And since there were some awesome College football games, we downloaded the app to watch them! There is not much better than driving to a football game and getting to watch football!
And Sunday we arrived! We went early and tailgated... which always equals TONS of laughs!
And I totally paid him to wear this shirt. And you don't even want to know how much. Most would be super sad to dish out that much $... but not me... I would do it all again! :-)
Our seats were on the 30 yard line, 20 rows up. Perfection!
And if we would have had these same seats in Dallas, they would have been close to 2K... instead of the $250 we paid!
And when your very best friend agrees to wear Dallas (I had to take her a shirt), you know she is a friend for life. Living in KC, they are KC fans... so she was a total trader with me for the day!
love her to pieces.
and even though we lost :(... it was the best day! my cowboys. finally a grown up day with the hubs. my bff and her hubs. a couple drinks. good food.... and did I mention my Cowboys?! :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

10 years

10 years ago... {well 10 years as of Sept 6, I am late to the game. No surprise to you now!} I married my very best friend. I was 22 and he was 23. I met Justin in September 2001, got engaged to him in October of 2002 and married him in September of 2003! Most people thought we were CRAZY. And looking back now, I would totally have to agree!! I cannot imagine Hadlea getting married at 22. Why my parents never tried to talk me out of it, I am not sure?!  ...other than the fact that they really did love Justin too.
In 10 years, we have had our ups and downs. There are times when I have wanted to take his things and throw them out the door. Or several times I have told him I wish he would go back to living with his mother... and yes, those were only in very heated arguments. I never really meant it. Well... during the argument, I probably totally did. But I would have eventually begged him to come back home. Ha!
I can honestly say in the 10 years we have been married, only twice I have kicked him out of our bed. But it never lasted all night. Eventually one of us would give in and apologize. We could possibly both be a lot little stubborn!
I get a lot of compliments on Justin and I's relationship. We don't take things too serious and are pretty good at communicating the big stuff, so we play on a pretty even field. We both usually know what the other is thinking... or actually I know what he is thinking or is wanting to do long before he even brings it up.
If I had to go back 10 years ago at the little ol' age of 22, would I marry him all over again? Absolutely. Not a doubt in my mind. 10 years, 1 dog and 2 kids later, I totally love him ALOT more than I ever thought possible. He might slurp the milk in his cereal, play an annoying amount of spades on his phone, watch the dumbest fishing shows known to man, not LOVE football like I do or ask me if I am 'pissy' 100 times a day, but he does do laundry, cook more than I do, bath our kids, read them books, get the poopy diapers, fill my car up with gas because he knows I hate to, take the middle of the night bottle so I can sleep and will wear a Dallas shirt for me even though he despises them! I am still not sure why he married me?! If he knew he had to be half of the house wife, he would have probably looked elsewhere! Ha!
He gave me 1 dog and 2 kids that I can honestly not imagine life without. The 4 of them make up my whole heart. My life only feels 100% complete when we are all together. He is an awesomely annoying husband and THE best father... EVER.
I love you Justin Michael. And I will continue to text you every day that I remember and tell you, "You are my vest best friend". To which you either call and ask me what I have done wrong or respond, "Sure. You too". Because that is our love language. Never serious. Always joking. But you always keep me laughing....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iPhone dump

Brotherly kisses. YUM! :)
my super happy boy!
he loves when she plays with him.
Kason's first time to swim! He totally hated it!
If you want to know what my little brother looked like as a baby, this is it! He looks exactly like jake here! My little coolio!
I got Kason's 3 month canvas in! love!
getting a visit from gigi.
someone thinks sissy is funny! ...even when he should be sleeping!
my cutie with his nanny!
Hadlea's grandparent luncheon at her school. I went in place of the g-parents. LOVED getting to visit her through the day.
reading to brother.
our agreement for church one morning. sometimes you just have to give up!
I almost feel like I am reliving my 80s decisions as a child!
little cool cat.
playing the panio.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

stock shows and memories...

I know there is a wide range of people that read this little blog... and I am not sure how many of you know what a stock show even is. I would guess a lot of you but maybe not ALL of you. So a 'stock show' is basically a show of animals... whether it be heifers, steers, pigs, goats, sheep, etc. You basically buy an animal and walk it in front of a judge... and the best animal wins! Ha! And if you don't know about this or have never seen it, I am sure I have just blown your mind! :-)

I did this from the time I was 9 (or probably before) until I graduated high school. And I LOVED it! I have so many awesome memories. I met people along the way from different schools that I am still in contact with today! These things are HUGE in the southern schools. They are ALOT of work (mostly for my dad. sorry dad!), but they are so worth it! There are shows when it is 100+ degrees and shows when it is in the 20s. I know after saying it has HARD work and the weather can be crappy, you just cannot imagine why anyone would want to do it... but they are seriously some of my best memories. NONE of my close friends showed with me. It was something I really did on my own. But I think that was the good thing. I had to go out of my comfort zone and meet people all on my own. Just talking about this makes the memories rush back in...

And saying all of that... imagine how OVER EXCITED I was when Nana called and asked if Hadlea could show a bottle calf in their local stock show with Riley and Hannah. Yall... I swear I did a bunch of little dances. I called Justin and told him... which he didn't understand since he has never been to a show in his life. I wasn't sure if she would do it... she can get stage fright pretty easy, but we talked it up and our sweet girl delivered!

with Riley and Hannah getting ready for the show! 
Riley was up first! He has two heifers and won first in his class with both!
Hadlea meeting her 2 day old baby. She named it Georgia.
And now they are in the ring showing off their babies.
The bigger heifers scared Hadlea a little so Riley got to go in with her.
All of the kids received $5, a trophy and a blue ribbon.
She was LOVING it!
my sweet girls with their trophies!
this is how we got hadlea's baby around. They just carried it! ha!
Gigi and Poppa even drove up to watch. This was heaven for Poppa too!
our little winners!
some of our neighbors drove down to watch too.
we called them the fan club!
Nana and Rusty with their babies!
LOVE this!
Thanks to Rusty for all of the extra work in getting this done. Like I said, this is ALOT of work, and I am so thankful they thought of Hadlea when they decided to do this!

This momma got to re-live some high school times  on the other side.
It was an awesome feeling!

PS. Jennifer, I WILL post some pictures of me showing soon. I need to get back to Medford and get some! :-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

happy birthday mase!

Our sweet neighbor, Mason, celebrated his 2nd birthday. He is every one's baby and THE sweetest little boy. We are all totally smitten over him!
They were sweet enough to invite us to his swimming party!
H loved it and met a little friend to play with!
Mason got a new car for his birthday and Hadlea is totally okay to drive him around!
I sure hope Mase loves older women when he's older! :-)
Happy Birthday, Mase!
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