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Thursday, August 22, 2013

ready to eat...

So someone is thinking he needs to eat ALL. DAY. LONG these days! I seriously wonder if he has a tape worm sometimes... jk. {is that even possible in babies?} But this little Buddha is hungry all of the time! I thought it was just a growth spurt... and it could be, but it has lasted for about a month now! He is eating about 4 ounces ever 2 hours. He was giving us about a 4-6 hour stretch at night, but after his 4 month appointment and visiting his doctor, I thought we would just try cereal!
And man did Buddha Boy bite! I still think it is so crazy that babies just have these instincts! The first night he wasn't so sure, but by night number two, he was opening his mouth and pretty much screaming at us in between bites!
big sis even got in on the action! man did she LOVE this!
night number 2!
night number 3!
we are just doing a teaspoon mixed with breast milk. but this has been enough to satisfy him for quite a while! a simple teaspoon plus 4 ounces of milk have given us 10 hours of sleep a night!!

I had to check back on hadlea's first time to eat cereal! holy cow... they look just alike!
soooo funny! It just cracks me up how much they look like each other at times!

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