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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

iphone dump

we have really had to watch hadlea lately. she is wanting to 'help' ALOT more! like when he wakes up, she will always beat us to his room and crawl in his crib. thankfully so far, she just wants to get in and snuggle him! praying she doesn't try to help him out anytime soon!
Gigi and I took Had to Big Splash. I remember taking Riley here several times when he was little. Here they are about the same age... he was 4.
someone gets very excited for Elmo!
my super happy man!

just being big sis again! this time she got in, took his swaddle off and just started smothering! ha!
hadlea's imagination is out of control. this is Heather (as she calls herself these days) and her dog Berkley (the stuffed dog by her side) and her 6 babies driving in her car to Happle City to pick apples. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!
ahhhhhhhhhh..... my two baptized and blessed babies. man they are cute.
and yes, I am totally biased!
kissing cousins! this will be good blackmail one day!
hadlea thinks K loves stickers as much as she does!
someone smiles too much to sleep!
we built a fort one afternoon and Hadlea wanted Kason to join her.
He actually thought it was super funny!
Hadlea requested a bologna sandwich with jelly one day. I made it and she totally ate it. YUCK!

my sweet tiny dancer. now if she would only take dance!
our sweet nanny went on a short trip and brought the kids shirts and stuffed animals. H LOVED it!
back to school (daycare) night! they had meet the teacher, but H is staying in the same class so we just went to visit!
another day of driving her babies around!
handsome man with his 'hawk.
we got a special visitor for lunch one day. I could write an entire post about this, but I am not. this was a long time coming. just love her to pieces.
an evening with the neighborhood kids. my kids get NO attention in this place! :)
hadlea got ahold of the camera and then wanted her turn!
we got some new clothes in the mail and we have to try them on and take a picture!
girls night out! hadlea LOVED this! she kept saying, I LOVE girls night! I love girls trips! I sure cannot wait for super fun weekend girls trips when she is older!
my loves. I cannot wait for a little boy to be in the mix of this in a few years. Do they make double king beds?? :-)
my smiley little man looks JUST like my dad's baby pictures here!
4 of my 5 babies!
my view one morning... never.gets.old.

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