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Monday, August 19, 2013

baptizing kason...

Back on August 10th, we finally baptized Kason! I mean... planning this almost took an act of God! But totally my fault! Before Hadlea was even born, I had her baptism planned out. And of course in true fashion, Kason it totally getting the second child syndrome! Poor guy! :-) Do you have any idea how hard it is to plan something with like 5 families?! Almost impossible... especially when 3 of those families have people that travel on the regular! But... we made it happen... and actually planned it in just a few days! So thankful everyone just happened to be home on this particular weekend!
When I called the church to ask for this particular weekend, they told me Father was out of town. *SIGH* They had told me Deacon Joe could do it, but I really wanted Father. The more Justin and I talked, we decided we did want Deacon Joe after all. He seems super personable and totally puts things into perspective during his homilies. So I called the church back, and he agreed to do it!
Baptisms in a big church are WAY different than in a small church. We baptized Hadlea back at my home church with the priest that married Justin and I. We had called him to do Kason's, however, he has since moved to a new church and just couldn't fit us in. Since he knew our family during Hadlea's baptism, there were no classes or letters needed to confirm your faith. In a big church, the Godparents had to take a class along with obtaining letters with proof they were active members! No big deal... just something I wasn't aware of and something we had to rush!
But, we got it all done and got our sweet boy baptized and dedicated to the good Lord that gave him to us! He is soooo good!
Even big sister got to join in on the fun {wiping the water off of brothers head}! I LOVED this part! She even talked about it for days! I only hope she remembers this for the rest of her life!
Hadlea blowing out the candle!
Blessings for momma and daddy...
I LOVED this baptism. It was done after church on Saturday night so it was just our family. I felt like it was very personable.
Us with the Godparents-Uncle Jake (my younger brother) and Aunt Amanda (my SIL-older brothers wife) and Deacon Jow 
our little family of 4... with two baptized and blessed babies!
Kason and his Godparents
our families together!
Justin's family
my family
Hadlea and Kason's adopted grandparents, Deb and Richard!
Loves of my life!
Gigi and Poppa with their grandbabies!
Nana and Rusty with their grandbabies.
Jake and Stephanie with Kason!
why does he look so old?!
I just thought this was funny of my little photo bomber as we waited for everything to start.
Kason received some super awesome gifts. The church gives a quilt made by the ladies of the church. What a thoughtful keepsake! He received books, a rosary, a crucifix, gift cards and money.
I know I say it all of the time... in almost every post, but God really had blessed Justin and I. I can guarantee if you had asked me where I would be 10 years after we were married, that I would have never guessed to be where we are today. I love Justin more today than I did the day I married him. I have two happy, healthy babies. I have one sweet fur baby that I cannot imagine my life without. I have two families that love us very much. I have a set a friends that love me for who I am and love my kids like their own. I am definitely NOT worthy of God's continued blessings on me. But he continues to do so. And I am so very thankful. I am just so very thankful for everything I have today...

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