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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Weekend in Medford!

H and I went to Medford to celebrate Poppa's 60th birthday with him and Gigi! We had a great weekend! We left on a Friday and stayed until Monday! Our first stop was Enid where we got to meet Catherine, Katelyn and Hayden. From there, we went on to Medford and got to play with Jennifer, Ady and Logan.
We got in a lot of playtime with Gigi and Poppa. It was so nice to relax and not really have anything to do! We went to the farm with poppa to feed the cows and doctor a few with the dart gun. Hadlea was totally in heaven!
I look forward to more weekends like this in Medford when Kason is older and can join us!
While we were in Medford, Kason got to meet his Great-grandma Kilian.
4 Generations 
My daddy, his momma and his 1st grandson 
poppa and his baby boy 
Kason and his great uncle mike 
with my momma, daddy and babies. 
These are pictures of pictures, but all in my grandma's house to this day.
These are my dad's 11 brothers and sisters. 
Senior pictures of all of my 1st cousins 
All of the great-grandchildren 
my senior picture! :-) 
Kind of a huge family huh?! Ha!
But I totally LOVE it!

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