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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kason Havoc {3 months}

3 months. I have a 3 month old baby boy! I remember it going really fast with Hadlea, but I feel like the days are at warp speed! I just need time to slow down a bit! Believe it or not, I honestly have a hard time thinking I am dealing with my very last baby! Would I want more kids? Sure! Would I want to physically have them myself? NO WAY! Are there any surrogates out there?! Ha! And I know I would NOT be talking this way if Kason wasn't the most perfect baby ever! He has seriously been so easy!
I mean... just look at that face!
  • He is a GREAT baby! Only crying when he is hungry or wet... or VERY TIRED!
  • He is starting to get a little bit of a schedule. It can very by 30 minutes or so, but atleast I kind of know what he is wanting when he gets upset. He wakes up around 9AM, eats and is back down around 11:30-12. He might sleep an hour then back up to eat and back down around 2. He will sleep a couple of hours and wake to eat and then back down at 5. He sleeps for about an hour here and back up to eat and then back down at 7. It seems around 7PM he just needs a little cat nap. He is then up until around 9:30-10. He sleeps from 10PM to 4AM then from 4 to 6AM. Then waking up at 9AM.
  • He has been taking 3 ounces, but I just recently upped them to 4 ounces because he was finishing them and still acting hungry. He is only eating bottles now. I went straight to pumping and feeding full time... which I think is super funny because it is my choice. And I thought it was the devil when I was prego with Hadlea. I chose this because he eats so much more! If I nurse, he only eats to get satisfied and then will be up two hours later to eat again. With bottle feeding, he is doing 4-6 hour stretches! I feel like I am finally getting 'some' rest.
  •  He is not a great napper. He might sleep an hour or so at a time. About every couple of days he will have one 3 hour nap.
  • He is wearing Size 1 diapers
  • He is wearing 3 month clothes
  • He LOVES bath time and car rides
  • He follows Justin and I's voices
  • He LOVES his sister! I think it is so strange that he totally knows her! She can smother him to death and he still gives her the cheesiest grins!

  • He is cooing like no other! He loves a good conversation! Ha!
  • He smiles and kicks his feet like crazy! He is one squirmy dude!
  • He is doing the full belly laugh. It is the cutest thing ever. He gives the most laughs to our neighbor, Amisa. I don't know what it is about her, but he LOVES her!
  • He is weighing around 12.5 lbs.
  • He is a paci baby!

  • He has been sleeping in our room until this month. We moved him from sleeping propped up on a pillow in the pack-n-play to sleeping flat in the cradle. He is acting like he wants to roll over a little so being propped up was making me nervous. The only drawl back is he doesn't sleep well on his back. He is very squirmy. He would sleep well on his stomach, but I don't have the guts to try it yet! :-) This week we moved him to his crib. Eeeek! I felt so bad! Hadlea was 6 months before we moved her to her own room, and  had planned the same with Kason. But he moves so much, I hardly get any sleep. I propped up one end of his crib and started swaddling him. He HATED this as a newborn, but so far it has worked great! The first night he slept 12 hours with only one bottle! Yeah!!
3 weeks   .   1 month   .   2 months   .   3 months
Happy 3 months sweet boy! You have been the absolute perfect addition to our family! I just cannot imagine my life without you! You will always be momma's favorite boy!


katie@tulsadetails said...

He is seriously darling!! Glad he's such an easy baby!!

Anna & Kirby said...

He's such a good looking boy!

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