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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

iphone dump...

We got a visit from uncle jake. Kase thought he was super funny!
just using her dog as a pillow. NBD!
while running around outside one night, Hadlea's undies just fell to the ground. they are a size 2T/3T... can we say tiny bottom?!
reading time by mrs teacher!
I just thought she looked so old this day... *tear*
her daycare teacher sent me this pic. love when she looks so happy at school!
blurry... but he was loving getting to set up!
seriously... my heart and soul.
no idea.. she looks like she is half laughing/half crying and he looks scared to death!
he loves her with everything he has. hoping it always stays that way...
daddy and his mini me...
"i'll bust you up,dude!"

1 comment:

Emily said...

hahaha - love these! Isn't having a phone camera the best? What did we do before them???

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