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Monday, July 08, 2013

iphone dump day 2...

morning snuggles with my boys.
watching videos with sissy.
my future photog??
she is loving her camera and her clients!
it's hard to eat a bottle when you smile all the time!
all my loves still sleeping!
real men wear pink!
happy 4th of july!
I kept Kayman and Kason one afternoon. It was busy! :)
We lit small fireworks for the kids every night leading up to the 4th.
They loved it!
the neighbor kids cruising together!
I took H to get a pedi with me and she decided she needed pink nails with flowers on them so Jasmine hooked her up!
H's normal sleeping position! Ouch!
A last minute trip to the zoo!
Modeling her outfit from Taran!
Watching fireworks on the 3rd!!
My little crunkster!
to. die. for. seriously!

dressup with her bestie, Ady
swimming with poppa after the 4th!

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