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Sunday, July 07, 2013

iphone dump day 1...

I have TONS of stuff to share... so much on my mind that I was to get on the blog, yet I have enjoyed not feeling like I 'have' to blog everyday. I start back to work tomorrow after 3 months off!! Where in the world has the time gone??!! I am SUPER sad to be going back to work. But I am SUPER thankful that I had the chance to stay home with my sweet babies (or baby when H refused to stay home with us) for such a long period of time. I have enjoyed every single second. So until I can get to several of the posts I want to share... her is just a bunch of nothing pictures that I really love!! <3 div="">
I asked H these questions about her daddy and poppa for Father's Day. Simply hilarious!

my sweet, happy boy!
H went to the dentist and totally rocked it! After our first appointment 6 months ago where you could have heard her cry from China, I was prepared for the worst. And again, she proved me wrong!
after bath cuddles.
Kason is loving for us to hold him sitting up.
my view in bed every night.
meeting uncle jake for lunch.
hadlea came home from school in this outfit. she is wearing a romper with a skirt over it. and the skirt is NOT ours!
carnival fun! she is such a daredevil!
riding with daddy.

parade time with the madera's
gigi and her babies.
we went to visit kayman.
my boys
church on sunday
happy boy, as always.
gigi bought the girls matching outfits and wanted a quick pic!
nana got a new puppy and H was in heaven!
H and I got new boots so she wanted a pic of us together
H at little gym. being a tiny dancer watching herself in the window.
swimming lessons. which ended a day early for us after H puked in the pool... which then had to be evacuated. and I should mention she ate meat balls, grated cheese and green beans before class! :-) Justin says we are never going back! Ha!
more tomorrow....

1 comment:

Shawnda davis said...

Question - where did you get your floor rugs in the pic with Hadley and the crazy clothes from day care? I love them and are looking for rugs!

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