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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

his first fish...

We have had my nephew, Riley, for the last few days. One thing about having this boy at our house is knowing we are going to fish in our neighborhood ponds as much as possible! He is definitely going to have a love for fishing like his Uncle!
We went out fishing after work yesterday, and the boys caught some pretty good catfish. One was almost as long as Kason. We were going to hold him up beside it and right as we did, the fish flopped, hit Kason throwing dirt and blood (from Justin's cut hand) all over him. I thought he was going to cry when he just started laughing. Thankfully he loved it... this kid doesn't have a choice!

Courtney, Hadlea and Riley
Hadlea was the worm getter... I am still not sure how they convinced her this was a great job!

Kase needed a bath after the mud and blood incident! He was sure happy to do it...
and mommy was sure happy to give him his first 'hawk!
come on hair... grow!

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