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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hadlea Easton {3 1/2 years}

Where has the time gone?! Seriously! I know I have said it a million+ times, but I just don't seem old enough to be married... to have children (two children... gasp!)... to have a 3 and a half year old! I am kind late to this party as Hadlea turned 3 1/2 on June 9.

Hadlea might just be the funniest thing you have ever met. She is a BUNCH of things all rolled into one.... let's just talk about them... Hadlea is:
  • Witty. Much like her father. She is always cracking us up!
  • A picky eater. We are always trying to get her to eat anything other than chicken nuggets or fish sticks. She has now taken a liking to bologna. Yuck! She loves fruit pouches, cheese and crackers, PB&J, Eggos, Poptarts. She doesn't stray far!
  • DRAMATIC. This girl is a total Diva in training! She definitely lives her life on the dramatic side. Everything is blown out of proportion at some point in her day! Ha!
  • Loveable. My sweet girl is a lover. She loves to give hugs and kisses... especially to Kason and Berkley. She constantly tells us she loves us, without us saying it first. I have to say that might be my favorite thing about her.
  • A permanent sleeper in our bed. Justin or I would lay with her every night until she fell asleep. It could take sometimes up to an hour for her to fall a sleep... which is no big deal, but within an hour, she would be in our bed. We spent two VERY long evenings trying to get her in her own bed without us having to lay with her. We finally gave in and sent her to our bed to sleep on her own. Worked like a charm!! We now read books and off she goes to our room by herself. We finally have our evenings back to get things done together! YEAH! And I am totally not minding the extra cuddles I get with her sleeping with us!
  • An awesome big sister. We definitely had our trials after bringing Kason home. She often acted out or acted like a baby (crying, whining, wanting to be held like a baby, etc). And although she might do it from time to time now, I think we are over that hump. She constantly loves on Kason... aka smothers him to death. She is always concerned when he cries and always ensures he hasn't pooped! Ha!
  • An outside baby. If Hadlea is inside for more than five minutes, and she isn't playing babies, she will drive you crazy! Hadlea doesn't watch TV other than Barney and Caillou, and those get totally old after a while! So once she starts getting bored, we ship her outside! (and I need an entire post about our awesome neighbors. They have been so good to help with Hadlea since Kason came along. If it is too hot for Kason or I need to feed him and Justin is gone, they will come over and get her when they are outside. They are for sure heaven sent!)
  • A rolly polly catcher. She is obsessed with bugs. So obsessed, one of our sweet neighbors bought her a little rolly polly playground to put them in so she would stop putting them in baggies and killing them! And other bugs... if they are alive, she will stomp them to death. If dead, she will pick them up and throw them away. We are always having to watch what she picks up!
  • A rock hoarder. I don't know what it is about rocks, but she loves them! We don't go anywhere that she isn't picking them up. Most little girls fill their purses with girly things, but not our Hadlea... she fills her purses with rocks! We always end up taking them down to the pond and throwing them in.
  • Going to be a cat lady. She is obsessed with cats. Totally!
  • Good at getting her way... and this is no understatement. This girl can talk us into about anything! She can bat those big brown eyes and as long as she doesn't whine or cry, she pretty much gets her way!
  • SPOILED! by everyone... Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, Our friends. No other explanations needed. She has everyone totally wrapped!!!

I think the funniest thing Hadlea does at this age is demand we all have conversations exactly how she likes them! Here is the last one I can remember as we drove in the car....

Hadlea: Daddy, you say "Hadlea, what are you doing"?. Mommy, you say, "Justin, she is asleep." (as she pretends to be asleep in her car seat.)
Justin: Hadlea, what are you doing?
Me: She is asleep.
Hadlea: NOOOOO!! Momma, you didn't say, "Justin, she is asleep!" (notice I left our Justin's name in my response!) Now, do it again!!

Justin: Hadlea, what are you doing?
Me: Justin, she is asleep.
Hadlea: Good job Daddy! Good Job Momma!

And daddy and I are very appreciative of the praises we get for completing it correctly! Ha! :-)

Hadlea Easton, you are seriously the love of my life! I CAN.NOT. believe you are going to turn 4 in just a few short months! You are the strongest willed child I have ever seen. I am not sure how you got so stubborn, but you are awesome at it! ...But I honestly wouldn't have you any other way either! I am so glad God chose me to be your momma! You make each day better and better! I am so, so thankful I get to spend the rest of my days with you, Kason, your daddy and Berkley! I love you sweet girl... to the moon and back... bunches and bunches and bunches!

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