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Saturday, July 27, 2013

forever friends

In this day and age (that made me sound super old), it is so hard to meet people... more or less find friends. So when you have a group of friends that have stayed together since high school, you definitely know it is a special group. Now... have we had our differences, yes. Have there been blowups between all of us, yes. But when you can all work through it, you again, know it is something special! After all, like the quote says below, we all know too much about each other so we better stay friends! Ha!
Last summer, I started planning a weekend get together at the Hard Rock in Tulsa. I didn't think all 7 girls would be able to make it. Everyone has kids, husbands boyfriends, etc. But when all 7 confirmed, I knew it was going to be awesome! And it was! I swear my face hurt for a week from laughing! After that weekend, we vowed to do it every summer. We had said last year that this summer we were all going to take a trip... well... at the time Alea was prego and didn't tell us and the next month Amanda and I both came up prego! So... it was a stay at home type of get together this time!

Since 3 of us had new babies, I thought we would get the kids together and let them play... then we could all see the babies. I asked my AWESOME momma to cook us dinner... which she did! And everyone brought a side/dessert/drink. It was perfect! Alot of eating, drinking, gossiping (don't judge), and breast feeding went on! Ha! At one time we were all in the living room... two breastfeeding and me pumping! I am sure it was a site to see! Ha!

Between the 7 of us, we have 10 kids. TEN fah-reaking KIDS!

Mommas: Catherine, Me, Jennifer, Amanda, Alea
Non-Mommas: Lacy, Mikki
Babies: Katelyn, Hayden, Ady, Logan, Hadlea, Kason, Demi, Charlee (not pictured are Amanda's two boys Ivan and Jake)
The big kiddos:
Hadlea, Kate, Ady
Hayden, Logan
The 3 little babies: Kason, Demi, Charlee
Kason and Demi. Little cousins!
Big girls!
Aunt Lacy and her girls!
These girls are becoming the best of friends!
This is what a self groupie pic looks like at 2am!
Another successful get together in the books... we again, are hoping for a vacation next summer... unless someone else ends up prego. Ha!

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