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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

family lake day

This past weekend my mom, dad and aunt becky (or decky as H calls her) all came into town for my dad's 60th birthday (which actually happened on June 11). Because of his wheat harvest going on, we had to wait a little bit to celebrate. Saturday night, we cooked out at Alan and Amanda's, and then Sunday, we all headed to the lake. My parents bought a boat slip on Skiatook lake. What a huge difference it makes going to the lake... drive there, get on the boat, enjoy the day, park the boat in the slip and go home... no cleaning, tarping and driving back to storage after a long day on the water!
We all really enjoyed the day! The weather was PERFECT... and Hadlea was in heaven! She was the only child (we left the two babies at home), so she totally soaked up all of the attention!

hadlea and her new BFF! she sure loves her decky!

Happy Birthday, daddy/poppa! We loved having you all here!
Thanks for coming! (and for the boat. and for the boat slip. and for dinner on your own birthday) :-)

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