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Friday, July 26, 2013

baby shower for kade

I have mentioned several times how big my dad's side of the family is. It seems like once someone announces they are prego, they start coming out of the wood works.... which is totally awesome! I love seeing all of the babies and taking Hadlea home to family functions to play with them. She doesn't quite understand she is related to all of them, but she will one day. I just hope she makes alot of memories with her cousins like I have... some of the best times of my life.

When I was prego with Hadlea, there was definitely a baby boom going on. You can read it here. I will do another baby boom post soon. We have 4 others prego at this time too.

We went to my cousin Kelsey's baby shower this past weekend. If there is one person on earth that is prego that makes me feel SUPER old, it would be Kelsey. Her dad, Gary, is my Godfather. I used to go stay summers with them and babysit all 4 kids! ...yes, FOUR KIDS! I am not sure how I did it, but I have some of the best memories doing it. Gary and Amy always treated me like one of their own. I just loved being with them.

I cannot put into words what Kelsey means to me. She is seriously the sweetest most humble little baby ever... she will ALWAYS be my baby!! She is due with Kade Michael in August.... and she looks amazing! When Kade is born, he will be the 117 person in our immediate family (from my dad's parents to the youngest great-grandchild, which will be Kade. If that makes sense at all. Ha!)
Alot of my cousins and babies showed up.
And this doesn't even touch half of them...
My cousin, Amanda, with our 4 kids...
Hadlea, Kason, Demi, Ivan and Jake
Amanda and I ran around together in high school. I loved having a cousin as a friend! We always were mistaken for sisters.

Kelsey Ellen,
I have no idea whether you read this blog... or if you even know it exists. But if you ever read this, know I love you so very, very much! I am so proud of the awesome woman you have become. You are going to be THE greatest mom ever! Kade Michael is already loved by so many people. It is such a great feeling to know people truly love our kids. We just have that kind of family. I cannot wait to get up there to see Kade once he arrives. I wish you nothing but the very best!

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Aunt REne said...

smiling momma's and beautiful babies makes the world a happy place!!

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