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Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July 2013

We had an awesome 4th of July this year. Since we are normally at the lake and weren't going because of Kason, we decided to have over a few friends.... a few friends turned into close to 90! NINETY PEOPLE! And it was PERFECT! We started the weekend before the 4th going to Firework shows. I LOVE fireworks! I just think they are so crazy... I mean... how does someone learn to pack something into a little box and make it do different things and display in different colors. CRAZY!
My little firecrackers!
Our town was having their local parade and carnival a few days before.
H and I went to the parade and ran into B-man! 
Of course the parade comes with candy... and rocks! Yes, my little rock hoarder picked up the rocks on the road while picking up candy!
The first fireworks show at a local town. 
The second fireworks show at another local town! 
And then July 4th, we had our party! We started out just asking a few friends. Most of those go to the lake, but since it was a super long weekend, all agreed to come over. We were just going to do hot dogs and a few sides and let the kids play... we rented a bounce house and got a slip-n-slide. We then started asking just a few of the neighbors we hang out with. We found out our cul-de-sac used to do a big party, and they weren't doing one this year. (This is our first year here.) So we decided just to invite the street. I mean... most would already have plans. Not everyone would come, right?! WRONG! I think all but two or three houses showed up! But it was so awesome to meet the ones we hadn't met yet! We supplied hot dogs, chips and drinks. We asked everyone to bring a side or dessert. Talk about good overload... we had TONS! Someone brought brisket, jalapeno poppers, chicken wings... then we had dips, beans, pasta salads. It was totally awesome!
And if you are wondering if they kids had fun... I will let you decide.... a bounce house, a pool, water guns, water balloons, a small slip-n-slide and an adult slip-n-slide.
When it was dark, we started the fireworks! They were perfect! Justin and Kyle worked hard getting these all together! And our grand finale....
Thanks to all of those that came and celebrated with us! It was perfect!
Everyone says we have to make it annual... so be ready for next year!!

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