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Monday, June 17, 2013

more iphone catchup

my under armour babies.
we were in tornado warnings one evening so I put H in the bath early. of course the storms blew around us so the kids decided to go ahead and play outside. muddy... that is what they ended up being for the night! a second bath was needed!
teacher hadlea showing me my letters in word!
blurry... but so sweet!
Hannah's recital! she did awesome!
riley got to come home with us!
and followed up Sunday with fishing!
massacre 2013! I totally suck at trimming nails!
cleaning out hadlea's closets. #nomoreclothesforthatgirl #seriously
Buddha at his 2 month appointment
dinner with nanna and rusty
I love ties!
swimming babies. he totally thinks she hung the moon!
H loves jewelry! Gigi sent her this set so she had to wear it to school to show her friends!
Does K look like me?? :-)
Hannah and Kase
mustaches are funny!
KK loves mustaches and seen this outfit at Gap. She had Shannan buy it and send to Kason.
I think it is perfect!
our roller skater!
relaxing Saturday morning!

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