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Friday, April 05, 2013

the nursery reveal...

{kind of... remember this is the second child! alot left to do. ha!}

Back when I was pregnant with Hadlea, I 'knew' she was going to be a boy. You know... because I have that awesome motherly instinct! :-) When I started looking at nursery ideas, I only looked at boys stuff. And you other mom's of boys KNOW that there isn't crap out there for boys. Well there is... but it includes alot of theme-y stuff that I just do not love. I started googling things and came upon an older boys skateboard room. I LOVED it! {which totally makes sense since neither Justin nor I have ever ridden a skateboard!} I have been envisioning this room for quite some time... at least 3.5 years!

When we found out this one was a boy, {and my motherly instinct just KNEW it was a girl. ugh!} I knew I wanted graffiti. I had intended to have someone come to our house, paint a busted up brick wall above the crib and then graffiti his name. Do you know how hard that is to find?! Ha! I did some more 'googling' and found a graffiti artist out of New Jersey, Toasted. He normally does graffiti for businesses on actual buildings, but he agreed to do a canvas for me. And I have to say, this was a really cool experience. We did it in about 4 steps (graffiti font, colors, background, final review).  

and this is what we ended with....
a 30x40 canvas. and i LOVE!
I also ordered skateboards from Pottery Barn Teen. 
I ordered my fabric from a couple of different Etsy sellers and then my friend Taran made the bedding. 
To the right, we turned two of the skateboards upside down to make shelves.
{obviously the shelves need some love!}
Across from the crib is the dresser. The two pictures of H will be changed out to his sweet face once he arrives. And the mirror will become covered in fishing stickers... because daddy insisted on fishing being added somehow... so I am just giving him his space. ;-) I also might add a changing pad on top of the dresser?!
Just a few more of the room... 

Although there are a few things I would like to find for the room, I LOVE it!
It is 'somewhat' what I had envisioned, but it is turning out to be perfect for me us!
Justin definitely thought I was crazy when I started telling him my ideas from the beginning. I got several eye rolls. But if there is one thing about Justin, he does NOT care what I do in our house. He has two rules... no pink walls and do not ask him to help paint. So he is pretty easy going and trusts what I am doing... or he is just smart enough not to argue with me. :-)

I sure hope Kason loves to sleep in this room!!


Candice said...

Very cool and so different. It's amazing how much love we pour into their rooms, isn't it?!

emily said...

How cool and unique is this!!! I think your little man will love this and will love growing into it too!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Heather!! I love it!! It's awesome! How cool is his canvas?! It came together perfectly! He is just going to love it!!!! Can't wait to see him in the room! :)

Anna & Kirby said...

I love it too!! We wanted a big surfboard in Kaden's room, but ended up changing our mind. Can't wait to "meet" him!

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