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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Phone dump

The week before Easter, we got a visit from one of Hadlea's favorite people, Uncle Jake!
And it is always a plus when he brings gifts!!
Someone is getting really cozy in brothers baby gear!
We finally got our new couch! I mean... we only ordered in July, they only sent two pieces of a three piece set, then shipped the 3rd piece, which by then, they had changed the fabric and it didn't match. After weeks of arguing with them (MB), they agreed to reorder the entire thing. I am never ordering another couch so this better last!!
my sweet furry boy sleep next to the boy in the belly!
incase you ever wonder what Berkley does while I take a bath! :-)
he is a true momma's boy.
I normally don't post bare belly pics, but I caught a foot (see it in the very middle?).
all that movement will be missed!
Hadlea wanted 'craft night' and asked for a bunny and a picture of her rocking her brother.
She picked the colors and helped glue.
I should have seriously invested in art class!
Her brother looks like a chicken.
mornings like this NEVER get old!
i cannot wait for a little man to be snuggled with them too!
taking a rest after an egg hunt!
they become better buddies each day.
we got a 3 day visit from shannan and the girls.
man i miss them already.
hadlea's bff madeline from daycare.
i love that her daycare sends me daily pics!
she is super proud of her umbrella the easter bunny brought her!
she says barney would be so proud too! ;-)
and in 30+ degree weather, she wanted to go puddle jumping.
it lasted about 10 minutes!

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