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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

kason's hospital and home visitors...

We are so blessed with many friends and family that wanted to meet our babies immediately upon arrival. Since we were in the hospital 4 days with Hadlea, it was easier for people to come and go, however, we were only in the hospital with Kason for 24 hours... so it was busy! But we loved seeing everyone and showing him off... or big sister was proud to show him off!
Hospital Visitors Day 1
Hospital Visitors Day 2
My college BFF, Deanna, came to vist.
Hadlea has said all along that she had a baby girl in her belly and she was bringing her home when we brought Kason home. We racked our brains trying to decide how we were going to make this happen. And leave it to our Aunt Becky to think to get her an American Doll Bitty Baby. She ordered it and sent it to H to open at the hospital! This made one HAPPY girl!
And headed home with 2... TWO kids!
Justin and I loaded them up, got in the car and stared at each other.
We seriously have TWO kids?!
One proud big sis to finally have him home!
We then got several home visitors!
Julie, Jack and Avery came to visit.
Mimi, Nana and Rusty
We got in alot of snuggle time!
{and my current fav picture!!}
Aunt Leslie was out of town when K decided to come, so she finally got to come visit!
Riley and Kason
Hannah, Had and Kason
Shea and Tommy came to visit.
Aunt Amanda was also out of town when Kason came, so she came over when she got back into town. And K and K finally got to meet!
Hadlea went home with Gigi for a few days after we got home from the hospital. And then Gigi has been back helping us at the house! And even at 30+, I am still thankful for my momma and her help!

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