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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kason's arrival and meeting big sister!!

I will get around to writing Kason's birth story, but in the mean time, here are TONS of pictures from the hospital. I have to say, Kason's delivery was super easy! If I didn't know how bad it could be (H's delivery), I might have more kids! Ha! But we are done... and we are spoiling our last baby every chance we get!

I went into the hospital at 4AM and at 1130AM, Kason was born!
Getting checked out!
My sweet baby boy!
And then it was time to meet big sis.
She wasn't too sure at first. She was super proud, but hesitant.
And then the smothering began... and hasn't stopped since!
She then became the big sister paparazzi!
and our sweet family of four was complete!
more from the hospital to come...

1 comment:

Kelly said...

So sweet! You have the cutest family!! love 'H' taking pictures of 'K'

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