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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kason Havoc {2 weeks} + stats

Kason had his two week appointment with Dr R last Thursday. {no need to point out that he is actually almost 3 weeks at this point. ha!} He is one growing baby!! ...almost gaining an entire lb in one week. Dr R's comment when he seen the growth, "wow. WOW! Good job mom!". :-)

2 week stats:
Weight: 8 lbs 8.5 ozs - 42% (7.9 lbs at birth)
Length: 21 1/2 in - 79% (21 in at birth)
Head circumference: 14 1/2 in - 44% (14 in at birth)

Kason is still a great baby! We really couldn't ask for anything easier. He cries when he is hungry or wet. That is about it. Now... to spread out those night time feedings!! :-) 
  • He is nursing every 3 hours... ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • He has had about 3 bottles
  • He is wearing Newborn diapers
  • He is wearing Newborn clothes
  • He LOVES bathtime
  • He LOVES to ride in the car
  • He turns toward Justin and I's voices
  • He smiles ALOT!
  • He is definitely putting on the weight


Emily said...

He is so sweet! And looks just like H! :-)

Rene said...

You are so good to post things! Adorable baby boy.

Kelly said...

He is just precious! Love his little face!

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