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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter {Saturday and} Sunday

I think Easter might be THE busiest holiday ever! I always thought it was Christmas, but at least Christmas is spread out over days... and/or weekends. Easter is pretty much a 3 day, run like crazy to every egg hunt/party you can possibly squeeze in! Ha!

Saturday morning we were up and headed to an egg hunt here in town. It was pouring when we were getting ready, but it looked like it was going to clear. We put on our rain boots and coats and headed out... crazy faces and all!
This is possibly the best egg hunt I have ever been to. They have TONS of eggs... so many H had to stop because her bucket was overflowing. It is a huge church and everything else is indoors... 10-15 bounce houses (don't mind the panty shot below... she previously had tights on. ha!), games for the kids, face painting, pony rides, carnival rides, lunch, popcorn, cotton candy (H's fav!)... you name it, they seem to have it! I have been to this same place since my nephew Riley was probably around 4 (he's 11 now!). It is open to the public and ALL free. I just think it is the sweetest thing... the people are just so nice and make you feel so welcome!

After the church egg hunt, we went home to rest and then headed to the Country Club with Alan, Amanda and Kayman for another egg hunt! The Country Club is near downtown so you can see it in the background. I always think it is such a pretty view.
They had a bounce house, live rabbits, games, the egg hunt and dinner. The Easter Bunnies arrive via helicoptor and then they do an egg drop via the helicoptor. H thought it was so, so funny! This was our third year and H loves it! She also loved showing Kayman all of the rabbits! Ha!
Thanks Alan and Amanda for taking us again!

Easter Sunday we got up, had breakfast and looked to see what the Easter Bunny brought! {skates (yikes!), elbow/knee pads, an umbrella (because Barney has one, H needs one too.. duh!), glue sticks, a ruler, new scissors and a mini coloring book set for church).
So the skates we got were ages 3-6. I am thinking they need to be like 6-10. I thought she would just be able to walk in them to learn balance, however, NO!!! ...believe it or not, they actually roll... like really fast! Thankfully she likes them! Praying for no broken bones! Ha!
Then it was off to get dressed for church!
Where in the world did my baby girl go?!
Why does she look so old?! :-(
After church, we headed to brunch at Alan and Amanda's house. Of course, an Easter Egg hunt too! You can see Hadlea's entourage in the second picture. She isn't spoiled in the least between Amanda's family and our family! It was also Uncle Joshie's birthday so we made him a card that morning, and she was so proud to give it to him!
And then presents from everyone!
Wouldn't you know Aunt Amanda would make her a KU Princess!
And I got in alot of lovin' on this sweet princess!
She gives me serious baby fever!
Come on Baby Kason!!!

After we left Alan and Amanda's, we headed to Rusty and Nana's! Nana just had surgery on her hand... thankfully she is doing really well! The horses were out grazing in the yard so we went to see Tyler.

We had such a great weekend! If only Riley and Hannah would have made the church egg hunt with us... the crazy weather made it too hard for them to get there!

And just a little comparing.... 2010 through 2013
And again, where did my baby go?!
Our little family...
I cannot believe next year we will be a family of 4...
with a 4 year old and possibly a 1 year old! Eeeek!!

Happy Easter!!
Hope you all had a great weekend with family and friends!

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