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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter at school and Good Friday

Hadlea had her Easter Party at school on Thursday. She was super excited to go... so excited, I am not even sure what this outfit was about that she wanted to wear! Most kids are in their cute, springy dresses and my kid is in high top Converse! Ha!
H's daycare teacher rocks at sending me pictures throughout the day!
I LOVE knowing what she is doing!
And this must have been a serious egg hunt to have to climb under the playground equipment! :-)
She came home with TONS of eggs and candy!
Gigi was in town so she picked her up on Thursday and played outside.

Friday was just a day of relaxation... or I guess it was my day to relax! I got up and went for a manicure, came home to pick up Berkley, took him to get a hair cut, went to get a message, went back to pick up Berkley and headed back home to color eggs....
I always want a couple of really pretty eggs... or different ones.
That is hard to get that with a busy 3 year old that wants to dip them in every single color imaginable!
After the eggs, I went back to the salon for a pedicure, went to Target and picked up dinner. It was a BUSY day! I think I was gone from 930-6PM with the exception of coloring the eggs... and after a pedi and a massage... still no signs of baby boy coming! Wishful thinking on my end, for sure!! :-)

More on Easter tomorrow...

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