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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kason Havoc {2 weeks} + stats

Kason had his two week appointment with Dr R last Thursday. {no need to point out that he is actually almost 3 weeks at this point. ha!} He is one growing baby!! ...almost gaining an entire lb in one week. Dr R's comment when he seen the growth, "wow. WOW! Good job mom!". :-)

2 week stats:
Weight: 8 lbs 8.5 ozs - 42% (7.9 lbs at birth)
Length: 21 1/2 in - 79% (21 in at birth)
Head circumference: 14 1/2 in - 44% (14 in at birth)

Kason is still a great baby! We really couldn't ask for anything easier. He cries when he is hungry or wet. That is about it. Now... to spread out those night time feedings!! :-) 
  • He is nursing every 3 hours... ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • He has had about 3 bottles
  • He is wearing Newborn diapers
  • He is wearing Newborn clothes
  • He LOVES bathtime
  • He LOVES to ride in the car
  • He turns toward Justin and I's voices
  • He smiles ALOT!
  • He is definitely putting on the weight

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

kason's hospital and home visitors...

We are so blessed with many friends and family that wanted to meet our babies immediately upon arrival. Since we were in the hospital 4 days with Hadlea, it was easier for people to come and go, however, we were only in the hospital with Kason for 24 hours... so it was busy! But we loved seeing everyone and showing him off... or big sister was proud to show him off!
Hospital Visitors Day 1
Hospital Visitors Day 2
My college BFF, Deanna, came to vist.
Hadlea has said all along that she had a baby girl in her belly and she was bringing her home when we brought Kason home. We racked our brains trying to decide how we were going to make this happen. And leave it to our Aunt Becky to think to get her an American Doll Bitty Baby. She ordered it and sent it to H to open at the hospital! This made one HAPPY girl!
And headed home with 2... TWO kids!
Justin and I loaded them up, got in the car and stared at each other.
We seriously have TWO kids?!
One proud big sis to finally have him home!
We then got several home visitors!
Julie, Jack and Avery came to visit.
Mimi, Nana and Rusty
We got in alot of snuggle time!
{and my current fav picture!!}
Aunt Leslie was out of town when K decided to come, so she finally got to come visit!
Riley and Kason
Hannah, Had and Kason
Shea and Tommy came to visit.
Aunt Amanda was also out of town when Kason came, so she came over when she got back into town. And K and K finally got to meet!
Hadlea went home with Gigi for a few days after we got home from the hospital. And then Gigi has been back helping us at the house! And even at 30+, I am still thankful for my momma and her help!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kason's arrival and meeting big sister!!

I will get around to writing Kason's birth story, but in the mean time, here are TONS of pictures from the hospital. I have to say, Kason's delivery was super easy! If I didn't know how bad it could be (H's delivery), I might have more kids! Ha! But we are done... and we are spoiling our last baby every chance we get!

I went into the hospital at 4AM and at 1130AM, Kason was born!
Getting checked out!
My sweet baby boy!
And then it was time to meet big sis.
She wasn't too sure at first. She was super proud, but hesitant.
And then the smothering began... and hasn't stopped since!
She then became the big sister paparazzi!
and our sweet family of four was complete!
more from the hospital to come...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kason Havoc {1week} + stats

We took Kason in for his one week appointment on Thursday. Because our pedi doesn't visit at the hospital where we delivered, we wanted to make sure he got a quick look at him to ensure he was perfect! ...which he agreed he was! ;-)

1 week stats:
Weight: 7 lbs 13 ozs - 36% (7.9 lbs at birth)
Length: 21 3/4 in - 93% (21 in at birth)
Head circumfurance: 14 1/2 in - 58% (14 in at birth)

Kason has been an awesome baby! From the delivery to being smothered by his 3 year old sister, he has reacted perfectly. If he would go longer than 3 hours at night for feeding, he would definitely be the most perfect baby ever! Ha!
  • He is nursing every 3 hours... ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • He took his first bottle with no issues (and hasn't taken one since)
  • He is wearing Newborn diapers
  • He is wearing Newborn clothes
  • He LOVES bathtime
  • He LOVES to ride in the car
  • He turns toward Justin and I's voices
  • He smiles ALOT
  • He is definitely putting on the weight
Just a few pictures from the week...
no doubt they are brother and sister!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

hannah's 7th birthday

My niece turned 7 on April 5. She had her Justin Bieber themed birthday party at her gymnastics place. They did a great job with the party! The girls played, tumbled and then they taught them a dance that the girls got to show to the parents.

All of the girls!
Funny faces!
Dance time!
Cake Time!
Present Time!
Leslie and I went together and got Hannah a tumbling mat.
It was definitely a hit!
Hannah & Hadlea

Happy Birthday Hannah Raye.
We love you so much!
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