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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So I wrote this like a week ago and forgot to post... so kind old, but still relevant! :-)

So my new iPhone 5 has now crashed 3 times since Christmas. After 3 trips to Apple, I finally convinced them to give me a new one. I say convinced because technically if it isn't a hardware issue, but a software issue and they can 'fix' it by doing a restore, they cannot give you a new one. However, if I have had the same issue 3 times with the software, I wouldn't technically call it fixing the issue. However, I am not an Apple Genius either...

Do you realize everything you do with your phone?! I mean... I know I am dependent on it, but I did NOT know it was brain in a little hard case! I take TONS of pictures with it... pictures of everything. But I didn't realize how much I used my calendar or how many notes I made in my notepad. When those things weren't available, I felt like I couldn't remember a thing! And prego brain sure doesn't make me feel better about myself! Holy cow my memory is AWFUL!

Since I didn't have any pics from that week, here are some things from Hadlea:

- She had her first nightmare (night terror?) last week. She woke up in a blood curdling scream. Justin and I both run in her room to find her shaking and super sweaty. Supposedly, a PENGUIN (yes, you read that right!) was in her room and trying to get her in her bed. It was the saddest thing EVER! She still talks about it. We try to tell her they live at the zoo and couldn't make it all of the way to our house. She isn't buying it!

- She fell off of the kitchen counter. I am still not sure how she landed on your bottom, but she did. I then worried for days that she hurt her tailbone, but she never gave me a reason to believe that. But we don't have to worry about her crawling on the cabinet anymore!

- She has started breastfeeding her babies after watching her Aunt Amanda. I thought her dad might die the first time he seen it. Oh... the things she will be sharing at school once Kason gets here!

- She wants a tattoo. One on her back and the other on her arm... Hopefully that goes away before she turns 18!

- She still wants to bring home a baby sister. She says she has a baby girl in her belly and I have a baby boy in mine. So we will be bringing home two babies. OR... she says Alan and Amanda can have Kason and we will take Kayman. Good thing the girl isn't picky... she just knows what she wants! :)

- She is in to saying who IS and ISN'T her best friend. We have had SEVERAL talks over this. I thought this stuff started in middle school... not the 3 year old room at daycare! She once said to me, "Hand me your pop!". I said, "No!". She said, "I will be your best friend if you do. I not be your best friend if you not give me a drink!." ...Needless to say, she didn't get a drink but got a long discussion on friends instead!

- She says: spicy for icee and shadow for deodorant. She sings "skip to the MOO my darlin."

- She is a total motor mouth! I sometimes wonder how she learns anything at school... you cannot hear when you are talking all of the time!

Oh... and the final thing... she is NOT sleeping! I am not sure what her deal is. But she wakes 3-5 times per night crying for Justin and I. But she only wants me to lay with her. Talk about awesome timing! Ugh!! I think I am going to have to go back to tough love and let her cry it out! Although, it makes me feel SOOO guilty just typing that. I know her world is about to be rocked! I know our daily one-on-one time is about over. Part of that makes me super excited because I CANNOT wait to see her with her baby brother. She is going to be one AWESOME big sister. But on the other hand, it breaks my heart to think any of this will upset her. I never want her to feel left out or like we cannot help her in a given instant because we are tending to Kason. I know we will just have to take it one day at a time. She will be fine. I never give Hadlea enough credit. She adjusts fine to almost anything. I always start worrying WAY in advance, and she always proves me wrong by doing great. I am praying for the same situation!

And now currently....

I have a list of 16 things I want Justin to do before Kason arrives. And most of them would have been done had his work schedule not gone completely crazy! He got called in Sunday morning at 6AM and probably hasn't been home a total of 12 hours since. Sure... the money is awesome, but they are going to give me a nervous breakdown if these things don't get done... and NO... not a one of them will help with Kason's arrival! Ha! :-)

I guess we are just taking it one day at a time for ourselves. I also think the 'unknown' arrival time is starting to get to me too. Your first baby you are just excited, but when you have another, you want to have her arrangements set up and make sure he knows what is going on... I just want her to be happy.

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