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Friday, March 22, 2013

phone dump friday

Just in case anyone is wondering, my awesome husband is checking off things on my to do list left and right! I am starting to feel a little caught up! Now... if I can make it to Buy Buy Baby this weekend to finish the shopping for Kason's arrival... because that is alot less important than getting curtains hung! Ha! I hope to have some house update pics soon! With all of the new paint and things on the wall, it is starting to look like our home! :-)

We got a package in the mail from Auntie B for St Patty's Day!
H's favorite thing to do is check the email, so when she sees her name on the package, she is in heaven!
Saturday morning, we had maternity pictures. We followed that up with a trip to the zoo... what in the 'H' was I thinking at 9 months prego! But I survived... and after all, H didn't care about seeing the animals. Her request was: the train, carousal, jump house, dip n dots, cotton candy and a camel ride. We just checked out the animals as we went by!
Daddy even got to make the trip!
Kason and I just hung out in the sun anytime we could find a resting place!
My sleeping babies!
We got Riley and Hannah one night since they were on Spring Break! We had plans to get down the baby gear, so Riley got to help put it all together! We also all grabbed Clorox wipes and started cleaning it all. It was so fun to have Hadlea, the niece and nephew and daddy all together laughing and getting ready for Kason!
Ready for bed and taking a walk!
H slept with us one night and this is what I woke up too...
She loves to snuggle her daddy!
and this guy is loving the new bedding!
Hadlea got to stay the night with Gigi at Kayman's house!
She is so smitten with all of her cousins!
Poppa sold Hadlea's cow and sent her check!
She is dying to get it in the bank!
Smart girl!
This is how Berk and I have been listening to conference calls at work these days! We require alot of rest!
Hadlea's outfit of the day! You just never know what she will choose on some given days! ...and notice the clip on the top of her head?!
Just the perfect additional to her cowgirl boots!
We joke that Berkley is king of our house... so this was funny that he chose a king beanie baby to sleep with one night!
And today... Hadlea is in KU blue cheering on the Jayhawks for her Aunt Amanda!

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Unknown said...

I have a yorkie who sleeps just like your pup in my bed - and on top of me. And basically anywhere that is thisclose to me that he can get. :) New follower - you have a beautiful family!

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