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Friday, March 15, 2013

phone dump friday

my sweet boy and I taking a nap one night when Hadlea was gone. I get asked often if I will still love Berkley like I do (and take him with me everywhere) when Kason gets here. And I sure hope I do... he was my first baby and always will be!
we had our weekly Wednesday night with Aunt Leslie, Riley and Hannah

silly babies!
My 12 hour a night sleeper has turned into a VERY crappy sleeper... but after sleeping two straight nights in her own bed, we went for donuts!
Hadlea stayed home with me one day while I worked. She made a 'camp out' in my floor and played with her babies and Berkley.
I took off Friday afternoon to spend with H. She has been asking to go to the library for days (she watches too much Barney). We went and read several books. She loved it!
She also did 'homework' and made some pictures for friends. She then wanted to mail them so we did.
She totally cracks me up with her ideas!
Justin went on a 5 day guys vacation to fish in Alabama and watch Fred in his tournament.
No doubt he had a great time!
While daddy's away, the girls will sleep together!
First night, we had popcorn and Barney in bed!
We did some shopping with Riley and Nana!
More sleeping with momma and Berk!
Hadlea got out all of her animals and played 'zoo'. We play zoo alot. Each room in our house has a different animal. We stand at the door of the room and admire the monkeys, tigers, elephants, etc. Then the room will gain a random dog (Berkley) and we try to figure out how the random dog got in the zoo. She seriously is the funniest kid!
Our cousins from Kansas came by the house for a visit and then we met Alan, Amanda and Kayman for lunch!
Hadlea, Maddie and Kayman
We made a welcome home sign and brownies for daddy!
We had the last two rooms in our house painted, one being my office. I had to work at the kitchen table. Berkley spends about 70% of the time sitting in my lap. He is a total momma's boy. I moved Hadlea's high chair over by me and put a blanket in it. He slept that way most of the day.
We started a sticker chart for Hadlea's sleeping. We added feeding Berkley, Bathtime, Brushing Teeth and Picking up Toys. Why in THE WORLD did I not know how powerful a little Hello Kitty sticker was?! Our chart is almost full!! (obviously not pictured!)
Berk was cracking me up one night in bed. He was asleep with his head up... how many of your dogs have a blanky they sleep with? He doesn't go far without his blanky if he is going to sleep!
It has been SO nice here! Perfect spring weather. We went on a scooter ride to the pond...
throwing rocks with daddy! She is still our little rock hoarder!

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