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Friday, March 01, 2013

phone dump friday

Sweet girl relaxing before bedtime with her daddy!
How I sometimes get ready in the mornings...
Ready for church!
Fishing in the neighborhood!
Visit from Uncle Jake and funny faces with daddy!
Trying on her boots and jeans to go stay with Poppa!
My sleeping arrangements these days. H will NOT stay in her bed all night.
No idea how Justin and I get any sleep!
Her daycare teacher sent this to me one day and then had it printed for me.
She is just the sweetest!
Uncle Alan picked up H early from school the day of Sara's funeral.
She was so proud to babysit Kayman!
I got to spoil this boy so much when H was gone!
We got snow while H was gone too!
One night after working in Kason's bedroom I kept hearing something. I couldn't figure out what the noise was so I went back in there to find Berkley had helped himself in the crib by jumping on the glider. I have since moved the glider over. Geesh...
When H got back, she was so proud to try out the crib!
Another visit to see Kayman!
We attended the Bassmaster Classic!
We took H on Sunday and she wasn't happy that we didn't bring her fishing pole... but we made up for it with cotton candy!
Her outfit of choice for daycare one day!
We have been working on Kason's room... almost finished!
Just a little playtime snack with pretzels!

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