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Thursday, February 28, 2013

week with poppa and gigi

The Sunday of Kason's baby shower in my hometown, I left H for an ENTIRE week with Poppa and Gigi. I had previously asked my mom to watch Hadlea this past weekend when the Bassmaster Classic was in town. We had several friends coming into town for the event and we knew we would be gone alot during the day and have late evenings, so I didn't want to drag her through it all. Because we were in Medford the weekend before, Poppa and Gigi just asked to keep her. My first response was NO WAY! But of course, they kept after me. The main excuse being that Poppa had a cattle sale and wanted to take H... something he has wanted to take her to since she was born... so how could I really say NO to that?!

And on Sunday, I left her... lots and lots of pregnancy related/hormonal tears were shed the entire drive home! Ugh!

But I got LOTS and LOTS of pictures... and we FaceTimed every night. Plus, I had an entire list of things Justin and I could get done while she was gone. We got done almost none of it! :-)
They spent alot of time at the farm, H went to work with Gigi one day for a little bit, they went to get manis and pedis (something my dad has NEVER taken me to do!), and then it snowed. ALOT! She got to build her first snowman and go sledding, and she has talked about both every day since being back.

I also got hilarious videos!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

And then it snowed. After that, I don't think they got her to do anything else... unless it was outside!
I get this video and think, "Poor Poppa. He is going to die!".

And then I get this video and think I am going to die!
Her daddy couldn't watch!
But she LOVED it!

Thanks Poppa and Gigi for taking such great care of our girl. She has talked about her stay with you all non-stop. I know she made memories she will never forget!

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