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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines Day

We celebrated Valentine's a day early since we had the visitation for Justin's cousin on Valentine's Day.

I tried to think of something that Hadlea loved but wasn't candy this year... Last year I did the goldfish butterflies, which she LOVED! We often play with glow sticks.... mostly putting them in her bath water and turning out the lights. She laughs and plays forever! Target had these tubes of 10 glow bracelets in their $1 bin so we got them and then I made the tags, "Valentine... You make my Heart Glow!". She was super proud of them.... and they weren't candy.... so I was proud too! :-)
Thankfully this year, alot of the parents went the non-candy route which meant I didn't have to throw anything away! Ha!

The night before Valentine's Day was also Ash Wednesday so we also had church. H and I played a little bit while daddy got ready....
Once we got home, we all opened presents!
You can see a little of Hadlea's ashes on her head... she just thought they were so funny she couldn't stop touching them!
She was so excited to take her friends their gifts that morning!
And being the honest wife I am, I sent this to Justin....

Valentine's was a great day. The evening was a little rougher having to see most of Justin's family for the first time since Sara's death. They are some very strong people... just how Sara would want them to be.

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