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Friday, February 08, 2013

phone dump friday

Just another week of dumping my randomness into one post! :-)

We made a deal with Hadlea that if she sleeps all week in her own bed, she can sleep Friday nights with us. Call it a reward or bribery, but it totally works! She goes straight to bed on her own every night after we read books. It is just easy... plus, I don't mind one night of going to bed early and getting lots of snuggles! And she's obviously crazy happy! Ha!
We ran errands this past Saturday and she said Mola {her baby} needed rest time and snuggles!
We had our friends over for dinner one night. They live in our neighborhood and we have been taking turns cooking dinner for each other. It sure has been nice!
We got some glow sticks on a Tarjay run and put them in the bath one night!
Berkley is LOVING Hadlea's new bedspread. I find him in there pretty often.
silly sister is just full of personality these days!
we went to a bday party for our friend Trevin at the bounce barn! He turned 4!
Trevin's momma is my friend, Taran, who can pretty much make anything! And her mom made this cake. All editable. Some families just shouldn't get all of the talent! Ha!
How I let Hadlea finish watching the superbowl... {because I didn't want to miss any to put her in bed!}
We have had a few nice days so we went on walks and made stops at the pond.
just more daily personality. I am afraid I will never get a good smile out of her again!
Wednesday nights my SIL, niece and nephew come down to visit before my niece has gymnastics. Then Riley gets to stay with us while they are gone. The past few times it has been CFA then Cherry Berry! And this time we got our cousin Maddy too!
We built cakes with candles last night... you know... because that is what most kids choose to make over forts and castles... The pink on the top is the candle, which we had to find a pretend lighter to light... {she even does the pretend sound of lighting the lighter}. We ALL had to sing Happy Birthday to Hadlea before blowing it out and eating fake cake! Just another night in our house! Ha!
And here she is running off to school this morning...
I swear she ages a good 6 months every night!
Where is my baby girl?!
{and yes, those are rain boots. and no, it is not raining.}

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Love that H, has her baby in most of the pictures!Adorable! Hope you are feeling well mama!

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