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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kason's Baby Shower

This past weekend, Hadlea and I {Justin had to work a boat and tackle show $$} went to my parents as some friends and family were throwing us a baby shower for Kason! And if I have said it once, I have said it a million times, people from my home town really are THE BEST people EVER! People I haven't seen or talked to since living there in high school still send gifts. They just really are the most thoughtful people ever!

The decorations were lime green and black to match his nursery! And those cupcakes... from my favorite bakery... YUM!
H was right in the middle of opening gifts! She loved holdings things up to show everyone. And we would even hear, "Awe. Isn't that cute!?", about every other gift! We also heard, "Hey, Gigi, take my picture", every other outfit too! That girl is seriously funny!
Another thing to love about my home town people, they remember baby #1! Hadlea was given a few gifts too. Like I said... sweetest, most thoughtful people EVER!
And I will always take any time I can get with old friends. Seriously love these girls.
And the hostesses totally out did themselves on everything!
Even Mola made an appearance. But I guess she wouldn't miss her brothers baby shower! :-)
Best friends and our babies!
Hopefully these girls grow up to be the best of friends too!
The pregos!
What is a baby shower without a few others being pregnant?! These are always my favorite pics!
Cousin Sherry 11 weeks. Cousin Amanda 34 weeks. Me 33 weeks.
{We currently have 5 babies coming in our family. The 3 of us, plus my cousins Shawna and Kelsey. And that doesn't count Kayman or Emma that were just born!}
These are what I made for hostess gifts... all from Target!
{initial coffee cup. chevron fridge notepad. kitchen towel.}
It has been strange to go through so much boy stuff!
Seeing all of the blue... and no bows... will really get ya! Ha!

Thanks to everyone that helped, came or sent gifts! It was such a great time!


katie@tulsadetails said...

So fun! Post some pics of the gifts! Also, Emmy has the same pjs that Mola is wearing!! Okay, we really do need to plan something maybe next week or the next to celebrate Kason!!!

Ashlie said...

Such a great shower! I bet it is strange getting boy stuff. I would welcome a head that didn't require bows, lol.

Candice said...

How nice! It sounds like everyone is very excited for Kason's arrival!

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