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Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are days I am reminded that I seriously need water proof mascara! This whole week has been that reminder! I'm not sure if it is the tragedy in Justin's family, being prego or just the thoughts that Valentine's Day brings. But I am reminded this week just how perfect my life is. I am reminded that I am truly blessed beyond belief. I am just never sure why God chose to give me such a perfect life and others have to endure daily suffering. I know I never blog much about the 'bad' things in my life, and frankly, it is because I have NOTHING bad... sure I get upset. sure I have the daily struggles of raising a stubborn, sassy little mess, sure Hadlea and Justin stress me out to no end some days. But honestly, I am thankful for those things. I would much rather have those things than nothing at all.

I LOVE and am so thankful this child wakes me up at 4AM some mornings because she wants to get in bed with me. Or she just wants to tell me she got up and went to the bathroom on her own. Or she just wants a drink of water. Some mornings, I roll my eyes because I haven't slept well. Or I know I will have trouble going back to sleep. But lately, I have been reminded that I need to enjoy those times.  So I either put her in bed with us or crawl in her bed and snuggle. There is NOTHING better than getting a pat night, night from your 3 year old!
And I need to continue to remind myself of these things as I cannot believe how fast time is flying.
Where is by BABY?!

I LOVE and am thankful for this guy who annoys me on a daily basis... whether it be all of his fishing talk, or thoughts about his next fishing purchase, or next fishing trip. I know he just wants to share his passion with me. Whether it be the 15 times he calls me a day when he has a slow day at work and I am SUPER busy. I remind myself that he is just thinking of me and wants to check in. I have never doubted Justin's love for me and that is a really great feeling. He truly is my very best friend... {even though I sometimes want to slap him a few 100 times!}

I LOVE this guy who stole my heart the moment we picked him up. He is a momma's boy through and through. You get too close to me when I am holding him, and you might lose a finger! In my eyes, he has never done wrong and never will! Ha! {Justin will totally disagree here. But Berk gets bonus points because he doesn't talk back!}

And I LOVE this boy... he was a total surprise, and I spend most of my day wondering what he will look like, act like... whether he will be stubborn like his big sister... whether he will be an awesome sleeper like his big sister. No matter how he turns out, we cannot wait for him to join our family! We are all so ready to meet him!

I LOVE my family and friends.
I know God only gave me the best.

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Emily said...

I know what you mean - we are all so blessed! I love the photo collage of H through past Valentines, they change so much, so quickly!

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