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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

we've been hit... the flu bug!

I am going to go ahead and blame my mom and MIL for this one! Last week my mom and I had a conversation about how healthy our family was. Other than Hadlea's ear infections as a baby, she has never been sick. Justin has only been to the dr twice in our almost 12 years together... once for a 4-wheeler wreck and once because I made him get a complete physical. I probably haven't been more than 4 or 5 times in our 12 years together other than checkups.
So right after my mom and I have this conversation, my MIL brings up the flu shot. We normally do not get them. I did think about getting it this year due to the amount of sickness going around, but I never got around to getting them for all of us. ...this happened on Thursday.

On Friday, Justin heads to work and comes back home throwing up. He was pretty miserable all day. Never ran a fever, but he couldn't keep anything down.

Friday night, Hadlea sleeps with me in bed and starts doing this whole trimmers/shaking thing. I first thought it was my dog chewing on something, but after feeling them both, realized it was Hadlea. Justin was still up after sleeping all day, so we checked her out and she had a 102 fever.

We tried everything to get it down without medicine. We headed to Urgent care after lunch on Saturday, and she tested positive for Type A.
They prescribe her Tamiflu, but due to the outbreak, we couldn't find it anywhere. We had to wait until Monday for a compounding pharmacy to open where they can make it themselves.

She was SO miserable! I felt like the worst mother EVER!
She would drink pedialyte really well so I never worried about her staying hydrated, but she wouldn't eat ANYTHING... I did finally get her to eat like this...
laying down covered up. Her request: chicken and ketchup!

On Sunday night, I started getting the same symptoms she had. Bad cough, congestion, etc. My body was sore. I hadn't slept since Thursday night so I thought maybe I was just tired. I ended up calling my OB and PCP on Monday morning to see if I needed to start something too. It was a total mess!!

Justin stayed home with us on Monday and my mom came up to help on Tuesday. Tuesday, Hadlea started coming around to her old self again... our pretty princess!

She is acting so much better today. I am starting to feel better other than a cough that I would love to get rid of! Oh... and if I could sleep at night that would be awesome too! I know I am keeping everyone in my house up coughing all night! So hoping we are all on the mend!

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Candice said...

Oh, that picture is so pitiful. Hope you are all back to 100% soon!

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