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Saturday, January 05, 2013

phone dump

I had 2363 pictures on my phone and finally deleted some of them this weekend. I HATE deleting pictures as I am SO afraid I will lose them... and yes, I back them up in two other places. It makes me very thankful for these posts... you know, incase my other two backups get destroyed! :-)

my hubs at the EC concert. there are just certain pictures where I think he is super hot! this would be one of them! ;-)
while Gigi was in town, we went to Rhema, which is a college that has a crazy amount of lights! It is such a cool place!
i loved this tree!
with my babes!
the morning of Hadlea's 3rd birthday! i sometimes have a really hard time looking at this picture without getting all emotional. she is REALLY into praying and talking about Jesus. plus, she has such a great relationship with her gigi. just the most perfect picture.
lovin' her Mola!
Mola doesn't get far from her side. She has even taken over Hadlea's highchair during dinner!
playing go fish! if you have a 3 year old, or even older, get this game! super cute and fun!
we tired the elf on the shelf. she was totally not interested!
ready for her Christmas party at school!
this is how we ride to school. Mola in a high chair in the front seat and Berk on the console. I seriously feel like I already have 3 kids at times!
we went to the zoo a couple days before Christmas! The weather was awesome!
we went to my nephew's basketball game. he even got in some Mola time before his game. Ha!
I think my sweet baby girl pictures are becoming fewer and far between... this is about what I get now!
we spent several afternoons taking walks and throwing rocks in the pond. Berkley gets a little concerned when she gets near the water. notice his foot up? he will start barking at her!
and of course, several of our walks included Baby Mola!
I gave all of Hadlea's Newborn through 2T clothes to Alan and Amanda as they await the arrival of Kayman. I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard to see them go. But I CANNOT wait to see them on my sweet NIECE! Eeeeek!
All the presents wrapped and ready! And these are all but Hadleas!
Hadlea still has birthday presents rolling in from friends and family. She got this cooking set with a hat and apron and wore it most of one day!
Hadlea got a Pottery Barn luggage set from Auntie B. I has no idea she was getting them and I got her the backpack so she ended up with the set!
And because Hadlea had to take a picture, then Mola did too!
Granny got Hadlea and Mola matching dresses! She thought this was the greatest!
"Momma... feel my baby? She's kicking. Oh wait... no, she's sleeping! Is my brother sleeping too?" Thankfully, she acknowledges she is having a brother now!

Ready for the Cowboys vs Redskins game. No comment on the game or season. Ugh!
Lunch with my sweet niece and nephew!
We finally got in all of our couch from Mathis Brothers. It only took 6 months!
To say they are at the top of my crap list is an understatement! Ugh!
This is how I get to watch football on my tv... snuggled down with Baby Mola, Hadlea and baby boy... and Barney blaring over the tv! But atleast I get to watch the game!
Hadlea had most of her babies all lined up on the couch this morning so I had to send a picture to my brother to let him know what his Saturday mornings will look like in 3 years!

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