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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Nana's and the Kilian Christmas

I guess it is time to start documenting our Christmases. I had HUGE plans of doing this while I was off, but you know, playing with my silly girl was WAY more important! I am positive I have never taken that much time off of work, laundry, house cleaning, cooking, etc. I think Justin is REALLY ready for me to get back into routine so he isn't stuck doing everything! ...but it sure was nice!!

This was by far our best Christmas season yet... and I can hardly wait for 2013 when we will have TWO babies to spoil rotten! Now, I am just wondering if we should go ahead and move into a bigger house, go ahead and rent a storage place, or ??? We seriously have no more room for toys!

We started off Christmas by getting Riley and Hannah on the Thursday before. The last couple of years, we have went to eat, get ice cream and look at Christmas lights. But this year, they just wanted to stay home and play! The weather was awesome so they spent time playing in the new playhouse! If there is one thing that will NEVER get old, it will be giggly laughs coming from that playhouse!

Once it was time for dinner, the kids got to pick. And of course, Riley wanted CFA! We ate, did baths and settled down to watch tv.
and of course play on the iphone/ipads.
On Friday afternoon, the rest of the crew arrived. We started with the outdoor presents before it got dark! Riley and Hadlea got scooters and Hannah got a bike... all from Nana and Rusty!
Then it was time for dinner and onto the rest of the presents. The kids totally raked it in at this Christmas! I got Hannah one of the Heavenly Creations Babies and Nana got her an American Girl doll. I think it was safe to safe she was one happy girl!
Riley's big presents were a Playstation, trucks, cars, trains and a keyboard.
Hadlea had asked for a truck and trailer with animals... and her Nana found her a pink one! She also got clothes, a micro phone, gas station (she loves pretending to fill up her cars and bikes), babies, baby bunk beads, more stuff for her playhouse, etc.
picture time!
{I had Hannah and Hadlea's dresses made by Rose Baby.}
Thanks for everything, Nana! You always spoil us WAY too much!

On Sunday, we headed to Medford to have the Kilian Christmas. Since my SIL, Amanda, is just a few weeks away from having Ms Kayman, the rest of my family stayed behind. Justin, Hadlea and I drove to see my dad.
Since my immediate family on my dads side is over 100 people, we have to have it at the church building. And since my Grandma cannot buy gifts for over 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we buy our kids something from my grandma... and my parents buy us something from our grandma. Make sense?! Ha! And since Hadlea's bday is so close to Christmas, she also gets bday presents! I don't think she was complaining!
and then... of course a visit from our Santa!
This visit to Santa was TOTALLY dramatic. The minute he walked in and she seen him, she was DYING to get in line... but then she noticed he didn't have any candy canes. She totally lost it. HYSTERICAL! Everyone thought she was crying because she didn't want to see him... but she was just totally pissed she wasn't going to get a candy cane. We finally talked her down a little where she would go see him... but you can guess we didn't see another Santa the rest of the year that we weren't SURE would have a candy cane! Geesh!

More Christmas posts to come!!

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