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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve was a lazy perfect day! My Aunt Becky and Granny had been in town, so we got to spend the Saturday before Christmas with Auntie B and then Christmas Eve, we got to spend just lounging around with Gigi and Granny. I was a good wife and let Justin go fishing that morning! :-)

Late that afternoon, we got dressed for church... Hadlea chose this outfit over her Christmas dress.
Our sweet family of 4.
I cannot believe next year there will be 5... FIVE!
That sounds like a small circus!
H and her Gigi
Poppa, H and Gigi
H and her Poppa
After church, we grabbed dinner and then headed home for bathtime. But not before a special surprise!
And guess what??? He had a candy cane! Ha!
Christmas morning!
I let Hadlea look around on the Internet a few months ago, trying to find her 'Santa' gift. We went through bikes and she found this one. She was DEAD set on getting this bike. If you asked her what Santa was bringing her, she would say, "a pink bike with a baby carrier and a basket". Thankfully, we were able to get it!

And wouldn't you know that Mola got a ride within 1 minute of being awake!
opening presents.
Berkley getting one of his presents from sissy!
Another fav present of H's was this backpack. After H wanting to take her Dora backpack everywhere with us, I knew she needed a 'cuter' one! ;-) I found an Etsy seller that sells messups from Pottery Barn... at less than half the price, I'll take it!
Mola getting a few more rides!
We have yet to get the bike outside and ride since it hasn't been over 40 since Christmas Day, but she has got to ride it around the house several times. She is doing SO good! I was surprised how fast she picked up riding it! I guess there are perks to having a fully tiled house after all!

After our own Christmas, we headed to Alan and Amanda's for our family Christmas!
Post to come....


Annie said...

Lov that Christmas Outfit!! And that bike is too cute :)

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, she has her baby in a bike seat. I DIE. Love, love her!

Love that Christmas outfit and backpack too. You're a lucky girl, Hadlea!!

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