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Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas Day & the Justice's

Our final Christmas post.... I still have to say this was an awesome Christmas season! I never wanted a December baby, but I kind of feel like it extends Christmas just a bit... starting on Hadlea's birthday on December 9. She just gets spoiled for an entire month!

We headed over to Alan and Amanda's for lunch on Christmas Day. Poppa had spent the night with us Christmas Eve so he got to spend Christmas morning with us too. We then met up with the rest of the family.
The pregos!
And AMK finally looks bigger than me! There is a God after all! ;-)
Our family!
After lunch and pictures, it was on to presents! Not only does Justin's side go all out, but my side does too. We are STILL trying to figure out where to put stuff. And I still hadn't found places for all of Hadlea's birthday stuff... our house is full, very full!

Hadlea got clothes, shoes, babies, a baby bed, micro phone, an easel {one of the top favs}, a camera, blocks and money.
I got new white bedding {LOVE! If you are looking for new white bedding, hit me up! I looked for months for the perfect one and no doubt, I found it!}, sheets, clothes, boots, a new coach bag, a new iPhone 5 and money.
Justin got clothes, new fishing stuff, a coach travel bag, an iPhone 5 and money. Oh... and also a 'J-love' car tag. This was a joke between my brother, Jake, and Justin.
Between my parents, granny and auntie b.... we opened presents for a good hour!

and after presents every year, we head to the bowling alley! We just aren't ones to sit around... or everyone would be asleep in 5 minutes!
While we were bowling, the Justice family arrived in town!! They were actually bringing Michael to the airport to fly back home, but his flight got canceled due to the bad weather. Yeah!!! :-) So they stayed the night until he could make it out the next evening, and then we go a second night with just the girls!

After bowling, we celebrated Christmas with the Justice girls!
Hadlea got some SUPER cute dance clothes!
She was PROUD!
{Here's to hoping 2013 brings Hadlea to decide she would like to participate in dance too! :-)}
Then it was baths and a movie!
The next morning we headed out to do a little shopping.
There is just something about your very best friend and her family.
B, Shan and H
We later met Gigi and Granny for lunch.
Gran got lots of love from H before leaving!

The holidays are often busy and stressful, but they are so full of excitement, love and joy!
I could definitely do it more than once a year... maybe twice, maybe?!

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