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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012 in review

So I thought I would go back through 2012 and recap some of the things we did or just some of my favorite pictures! It was such an awesome year! But I know 2013 will be even more memorable! {Am I really going to become a mother of TWO?! ...or FOUR counting Justin and Berkley?! Ha! God sure does have alot of faith in me!}

We: celebrated my nephew's 10th birthday! drove to Arkansas for an Eric Church concert, went to Little Gym. visited old high school friends.
We: drove to Louisiana to watch Fred participate in the Bassmaster Classic. Hadlea stayed in Medford with Gigi and Poppa. attended Lacy and Cody's wedding, made a trip to Kansas City to see the Justice family.
We: went to dinner with friends and watched KU in March Madness. got a visit from our Zimmerman cousins. went to Katelyn's 4th birthday. went to an Easter party. went to the circus. Hadlea had school pictures. played in the rain!
We: celebrated my nieces birthday. watched Hadlea hold her first fish! went to Arkansas to watch Fred fish a tourn. celebrated Easter with our family. watched my nephew get baptized. took family pictures. spent ALOT of time outside. took Hadlea's paci away and bought a sandbox in return!
We: watched my niece graduate from Kindergarten. celebrated Berkley's 4th birthday. celebrated my Uncle Gary's 50th at the lake. spent Memorial Day with the Justice Family on Tenkiller. celebrated Mother's Day. took pics with Riley and Hannah.
We: put our house on the market and bought a new one. Eeeek! had our final class at Little Gym. celebrated Fathers Day. had a girls high school weekend at the Hard Rock. spent every moment possible outside swimming or at the splash park.
We: took Hadlea to her first 'friends' birthday party. started moving into our new home. celebrated the 4th with friends and family at our old house. spent evenings and weekends at either the pond or pool in our new neighborhood. drove to Kansas City to say 'bye' to Shan before their move to the East. received 'to infinity and beyond' necklaces from Shan because she thought that sounded better than my tattoo idea! went to Matt and Megan's wedding.
We: found out we were expecting #2! worked on decorating the house. made a trip to Indianapolis for the MotoGP races with Julie. Granny fell and broke her hip. Grandma fell and broke her leg. Uncle Gary had his wreck. had several visits from the niece and nephew. got a visit from the Hammons family. i was SICK most of the month!
We: shared with our parents that we were expecting #2. got to see #2 at our appointment with daddy, momma, H, Gigi and Nana. went to visit Granny in the hospital. found out A&A were having a GIRL! took Hadlea for her first pedicure.
We: went to Riley and Hannah's fund raiser at school. played in the rain. went to homecoming in Medford. went to the zoo ALOT. celebrated Halloween with the cutest costume EVER and lots of parties. received my autographed Troy Aikman poster from my brothers and SIL.
We: got our family pictures. went to a shower for Kayman and Charlee. went to Alabama for Thanksgiving. laid our Grandpa Kilian to rest. spent alot of time outside in the crazy warm November weather.
We: celebrated Hadlea's 3rd birthday and shared with our families that we were expecting a BOY! went to her daycare Christmas program. went to the Christmas Train. went to the zoo. looked at alot of Christmas lights. visited and got a visit from Santa. celebrated Christmas with family and friends.
Such a great year!
Cannot wait to see where we are come January 2014!


Annie said...

What a cool post!! Love seeing all of the pics!

Rene said...

Really awesome how you put things together Heather! 2013 will be an amazing year.

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