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Monday, December 10, 2012

phone dump

We have been so busy lately. It seems like every night we have 3 or 4 things to do, and we have to pick and choose what we need/want/have to do! I LOVE this time of year, but it sure is tiring!

Just a few pics to capture what we have been up to...

My nephew had a band concert. The kids were just too cute!
My sweet nephew and baby girl!
Hadlea ready to go see her cousins!
Hadlea with a side pony. She looked so old!
My sleeping babies!
Reading books before bed!
Hadlea has been staying at home with me when I don't have any meetings. She has done great playing along... crafting, playing babies, playing in the backyard, watching Santa online, etc.
Getting ready for bed with her bear!
The new treat master.
Beg. Shake.
Hannah and Hadlea at the Christmas train!
My sweet baby boy wanting some lovin' before we get out of bed each morning!
Hadlea wanted some pink and purple nail polish.
Hadlea's crafting.
This is usually the face I get these days!
We jumped on the felt tree band wagon! Hadlea loved it! I told her to show it to me and her inner Vanna came out! Ha!
It has been so nice here each day. We have been on many walks, even going to the ponds and throwing rocks!
Hadlea got some balloons so I practiced my balloon animals and flowers. I guess I atleast have a fallback incase I need a future job! Just don't ask me for too many options! :-)
The double stroller I was wanting was onsale on black Friday so we got it ordered. We took it for a walk the other day just to make sure we liked it. I guess it wasn't too bad since Berkley wanted to jump in!
I have been looking for a new duvet cover. Gigi, Had and I stopped by Renovation Hardware to look at their stuff, and Hadlea jumped right in and decided to take a nap with her Mola baby!

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